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About UCP Thrift Stores In San Diego

san diego thrift store shoppingUCP Thrift Stores in San Diego offers a unique shopping experience for all of our customers. We have many different types of gently used products and trends to offer, from vintage clothing and accessories, to everyday buy jewelry at san diego thrift storesfashions, as well as household items, furniture, and antiques. You will be sure to find something at our 4 convenient locations in San Diego County. Our merchandise is sorted and displayed by specialty departments, which makes for an easy shopping experience for regular customers, treasure hunters, tourists, and gift giving needs. Each of our thrift stores offers designer labels, vintage fashions and collectibles, home decor, electronics, accessories, shoes, furniture, linens, and clothing for the whole family.

Have a costume party to attend? Look no further than to UCP Thrift Stores. We have a large selection of vintage and retro clothing and accessories at each location. Halloween is our best time of year to raise money at UCP Thrift Stores for our charity programs. Our gently used selection of costumes and accessories is collected all year long, and will assure that you will have the Halloween costume no one else does!

Check our stores first for reasonably priced, gently used home décor, costumes, and accessories for your special seasonal occasions like 4th of July, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Harvest, and Christmas. Our selection of Christmas décor, trees, accessories, and gifts cannot be beat! 

Our discount rotation offers a unique way for UCP Thrift to give the best discounts to our customers to which our competition cannot compete. 

  • Our daily selection offers items from 20% off, up to 75% off. *
  • Seniors, Students, and Military receive 20% off every day. * 
  • Seniors receive 50% off every Sunday. *
  • Military receives 50% off every Tuesday. * 

* (Exclusions apply, Must have valid Identification)

ucp thrift store support disabled in san diegoUCP's Mission Statement

To advance the independence, productivity, and full citizenship of people affected by cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

United Cerebral Palsy is recognized as one of the largest and most efficient health charities in America.
Its' affiliate in San Diego County spends approximately 85% of its total income on community programs and services.

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